According to New Jersey 101.5's Eric Scott on this mornings "Top News 1/12," distracted driving remains the number one killer in New Jersey for fatal accidents. Among the ideas lawmakers have to cut that down are the banning of watching streaming movies on your phone which surprisingly are allowed. What we need is some out of the box thinking. How about raising the speed limits?

Now before you shun me, think about it. It the speed limits were higher, drivers would have to pay more attention while driving on New Jersey roads. There would also be fewer people cutting people off trying to change lanes.

It would also eliminate the hypnotic boredom that many drivers including myself feel driving slow that would cause their thoughts to veer off to distractions. Most people give into distractions because they are bored driving at slow speeds. They think they can get away with driving distracted even though it aggravates those around them also putting them at risk.

We all have a comfortable driving speed. For me, it's about ten miles more than the limit. Chances are if the limits were higher, it would just allow us to drive at that speed without having to jam on the brakes when we see a cop, which can also cause an accident. But again if everyone around you were driving at that speed, you wouldn't be able to do the things that are considered distracting.

New Jersey Senator Declan O'Scanlon has been wanting to raise the speed limits in New Jersey. O'Scanlon was a guest of mine on my show Tuesday night and he said,

"There's a real argument to that," O'Scanlon said when he called in. "If you're not paying attention to oppressive enforcement or surprise enforcement at the side of the street, you'll be a more attentive driver."

People are going to drive the way that they are going to drive. If we make the speed limit reasonably match up with that, it could force those who think they can do other things like text, comb their hair or put on makeup, to pay more attention to the road.

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