Rosemary Becchi is a fighter. She's an attorney in New Jersey who has stuck her neck out to fight for the rest of us. After a run for Congress a couple years ago, Rosemary focused her attention on putting the interests of New Jersey residents first.

She started an organization called Jersey 1st and has used the growing social media platform to promote young volunteers who are paying attention to the crisis unfolding in our state. She's also led the charge to reopen programs for our disabled residents who have suffered so much under the lockdown. She joined me on the show to talk about holding politicians accountable and calling them out for bad policies that have endangered our citizens and set up back.

Her new organization has a pledge for politicians and political operatives to sign pledging to put the interests of NJ businesses and families first. Everyone in politics should be rushing to sign this. Rosemary is certainly a name that you will be hearing a lot more about in the years to come.

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