Like any job, we sometimes get bored. Like any job, we sometimes do dumb things to entertain ourselves. Or in this case, dumb pranks. In a news break I was heading back to the air studio and passed producer Kylie Moore who was heading away from it. But because it was less than three minutes until air time I knew she’d be right back.

The immature oaf that I am I quickly grabbed what I could to barricade the already heavy-to-open door that opens inward. Just wanted to see what would happen.

This is what happened.

What I love about this video: the defeated sounding reaction when all she says is, “Why are you like this?” I don’t think she saw I was recording until she made it all the way in.

Okay, silly at best, and nothing compared to some truly epic NJ pranks that have actually made news.

In May of 2019 Nicholas Carretta’s Fair Lawn office received delivery of a chocolate sculpture shaped like a penis. A...very realistic looking...penis. Last November came another delivery, this time to his home. It was a spring-activated glitter bomb that exploded glitter all over his face. Just two weeks later another work of art made of chocolate arrived and this time it was shaped like a pile of dog crap.

He didn’t know who ordered them sent but he knew what company was sending them., a novelty company that helps people be jerks or exact a little revenge. Carretta sued. He’s suing the company as well as the unknown sender “John Doe.” The lawsuit says their conduct was “extreme” and “dangerous” and was “beyond all bounds of decency tolerated by society.”

Lighten up, Francis!

How about the dope who thought it was a great idea to show up in front of the desk sergeant at the Hopatcong Police Department dressed in a bunny costume and blaring an air horn like a seven-year-old boy? The joke was on him when a cop came out and slapped his face.

Remember on April Fool’s Day when executives at NJ Devils put out on social media that the team was changing branding to the NJ Angels?

How about that period when creepy clowns were popping up in parts of New Jersey just standing there staring at people? Didn’t that get tied to a viral marketing attempt at promoting a low-budget horror film?

Or what about when Nick Santonastasso, a guy born with only one arm, no legs, and an outstanding sense of humor. He pulled pranks to scare the hell out of people at a grocery store pretending to be a zombie. Then a year later took part in a Halloween prank in a parking garage playing the victim of a chain saw-wielding madman.

Okay, so the door prank was pretty lame in comparison.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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