And then there were four.

The Cape May County Zoo already had three zebras; Ziggy, Greta and Gracie. Dad Ziggy and mom Greta just welcomed their baby. The foal was born Monday and as is the case with newborn zebras, the little one is already running around with dad. They say this can happen within one hour of birth.

Cape May County Freeholder E. Marie Hayes said in a statement, “After the past few months, dealing with the impact of COVID-19 and the closing of the Parks and Zoo, it’s a great pleasure to deliver some good news and announce the arrival of the zebra foal.” Hayes serves as the Freeholder liaison of the Parks and Zoo according to

The foal is already out where zoo visitors can see her. You might want to take a look because you and your kids will have an opportunity to name her. Staff is planning a naming contest.

The zoo is open during the summer every day from 10am to 4:30pm. Face masks are required for all visitors over the age of 2. There’s no admission for this gem of Cape May County. Donations are always greatly appreciated. For more info on the zoo go here.

Here are a few zany zebra facts.

The stripes on zebras are literally like barcodes. Researches can use them this way to pick out and track individuals in a herd because their stripe patterns are unique.

The male to female ratio is a mess in that a successful male stays with several females. Yes, they have a sort of small harem. So what about the males that are left out in the cold? They travel in, well, basically bachelor herds and one may break off and challenge a dominant male to take over his harem. But even when he defeats that male, he may have to wait up to three years to win over the females.

Zebras make weird sounds. Some whinny just like a horse. Others bark like a dog. Some will bray like donkeys. Stallions when agitated are known to snort and squeal.

Can’t get enough zebra facts? More here.

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