Yup, I did it again, making a perfectly normal conversation and taking it to a new level of awkward.

We had microphone trouble so I couldn't hear everything that our guest, Miss New Jersey Kaitlyn Schoeffel, was saying. At one point, I thought she said men were going to be included in the next Miss America contest. Although that wasn't the case, would anything really surprise you these days?

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Written by: Jay Black

Imagine being Katelyn Shoeffel and having the responsibility to represent the entire state of New Jersey!

(The only state I've ever represented is the state of decay.)

On this week's episode of Speaking Millennial, we talk to Katelyn just as the responsibilities of the Miss New Jersey sash and crown are about to finish up. We ask about her future plans (which, surprisingly to me, is not "eat constantly" as it's basically all I would do), the current state of the Miss America It's-a-Competition-Don't-Call-it-a-Pageant, and much much more.

Whenever we have Katelyn on, the level of class of the podcast shoots up about 400%, despite my usual best efforts to bring everything down to my level. You won't want to miss it!

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