A recent Reader’s Digest piece sought to find the hardest to pronounce town in all fifty states. This has New Jersey written all over it! We have towns like Bogota, outsiders will say it like they’d say Bogota Columbia. But it’s Buh-GO-ta. Closter is often debated. But if you ask the locals it is said CLOSE-ter with a long O (like you’re a little too close to that girl).

So what did they pick as New Jersey’s most difficult to pronounce town?


If you’re from Connecticut (or anywhere else) you’d assume it’s pronounced GREN-itch. Connecticut’s own Greenwich is after all.
But here, all three (yes there are three towns here named Greenwich) are pronounced GREEN-which. If you’re curious, there’s one in Warren County, one in Gloucester County and one in Cumberland County.

I thought there were better choices. Like Secaucus. It’s SEE-kaw-kis NOT see-KAW-kis. Or Kinnelon. It’s KIN-a-lon NOT ki-NEL-on. Or how about Keasby. On paper that clearly looks like KEYS-bee. It’s not. It is KAYS-bee. Some locals even say it wrong.

Well at least we all know our largest city is NEW-irk. Not new-ARK like in Delaware.

Go here to find the full list of most difficult to pronounce towns in all fifty states.

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