Stores are filled with back to school supplies for sale, back packs and more. One thing you won't see much of is lunch boxes. At least not what some of us think of as lunch boxes. You know, the kind with characters of TV shows on them, or your favorite band. There might be the occasional Puppy Dog Pals soft-sided insulated lunch carrier. But finding pop culture on a lunch box is getting harder and harder.

The classic lunch boxes were made of metal. Those thermoses they came with would contain glass that eventually would break during the school year and became somewhat of a musical instrument like a maraca. But man those were the days! And let's face it. Kids being the savage, thoughtless beasts they are, you were judged by who or what was on your lunch box. If you had a KISS lunch box, good for you. If you had a Hardy Boys lunch box, may God save your soul from wedgies and swirlies.

I came across something from The History Channel put out just last year that gives the values of some very vintage lunch boxes. I was shocked to see what some of these would be worth today. A 1985 Rambo could get you almost $400 now. A Jetsons lunch box in mint condition could be worth $1,700. Arguably the most valuable lunch box of all time is the 1954 Superman lunch box featuring the Man of Steel fending off giant robots and worth as much as $13,000 for mint-condition.

Most of these are before my time and they might be before yours too. Check out some of the most valuable lunch boxes here.

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