Where is the worst pothole in New Jersey? That would be the one you just drove through. Hopefully, it didn't do too much damage to your car, probably it did. Pothole repair can cost thousands of dollars if not ruin your vehicle completely.

Sometimes you don't see them until they are too late, (another reason to stay off the phone and pay attention while driving) or they are deceivingly deeper than they appear to be.

All this salting, snowfall and plowing has damaged the roads to the point where some places in New Jersey look like a war zone. New Jersey 101.5 is on a mission along with Plymouth Rock Assurance to find the worst potholes in our great state of.

In an effort to start things off and keep you aware of what's out there, I quizzed my listeners and followers as to where the worst potholes in New Jersey are. Hopefully many of them will be fixed by the time you read this, After all, isn't that why we pay so much gas tax?

Here's what I've got so far.

LOOK: Here are the worst potholes in New Jersey

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