If you’ve lived in New Jersey long enough you know that people just don’t understand. They’re perplexed and mystified by the very idea of our state.

You know that anybody who has never lived here just doesn’t get us. Our state has more misconceptions surrounding it then any other state. We are a mystery, an enigma, a puzzlement. We are constantly misunderstood, underrated, and presumed to be inferior.

There are so many states that people don’t even have an opinion about. Not New Jersey.

EVERYONE makes assumptions about New Jersey. EVERYONE thinks they know something about New Jersey.

In light of this, I have compiled the quintessential list of the top 10 stupid comments and questions non-Jerseyans make about Jersey. I’m tired of hearing them. How about you?

1. "Do you know JWow?"

Judi: "No. why would I happen to know someone from a reality show just because it was shot in my state? If you’re from Arkansas, do you necessarily hang with the Duggars?"

2. "Do you know Snooki?"

Judi: "See number one."

3. “Hey! Jersey Shore, man!”

Judi: "Not phrased as either a question or a statement, presumably a reference to the aforementioned reality TV show. I don’t quite know how to respond to this."

4. “Hey! Springsteen, Man!”

Judi: "Again, not a question or a statement. More like a declaration. Obviously a reference to the rock star. Still not sure of a good response."

5. “Hey! Joe Piscopo, Man!”

Judi: "Who?"

6. “I’m from Joizey. You from Joizey?”

Judi: "An apparent reference to a Saturday night live skit from about 100 years ago. Didn’t make sense then-still does not."

7. “What exit, dude?”

Judi: "105. And you have no idea what you’re even asking."

8. “Oh wow. Chris Christie closed all your beaches!”

Judi: "Well, not all. Just one. It was for a day, and we are all kind of over it."

9. “Hehe your hair isn’t even that big!”

Judi: "Often tempted to answer, 'Thats so funny. I was thinking the same about some stuff about you!'"

10. “Why does your state smell so bad?”

Judi: "Often want to respond, why do YOU smell so bad?"

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