I'm very saddened to hear of the passing of Chris Pallies, better known as wrestling great "King Kong Bundy" a man whom we taught standup comedy and a man who was a regular on my Friday overnight show on WIP during the latter part of the last decade.

Bundy, whose name was used for the family in the "Married... with Children" sitcom, took a standup comedy class that I was teaching along with comedian Jimmy Graham back in 2006.  I owned an internet cafe/comedy club at the time called, "Coffee Dot Comedy" in Sea Isle City. He was a big man with an even bigger heart. He was very polite, inquisitive and very serious about learning comedy. When he found out my wife and I were having twins, he bought us a gift card and gave us some action figures to give them one day

Chris had taken the class to add yet another tool to his box and as shy as he was in the room, was as big and boisterous as he was when he was on stage. Among the places we performed together was "Catch A Rising Star," in the Princeton Hyatt. But his comedy didn't stop at the stage.

It was in 2007 when I was given my first regular talk show on then 610 WIP and who better to put in a regular time slot than "King Kong Bundy." Every Saturday morning at 2:20 AM, Chris would call in. He was very versed in sports. A total Phillies fan. He was also versed in breaking my stones whenever he could. Ours was like a Muhammad Ali, Howard Cosell duo.

My favorite King Kong Bundy moment came when week after week, I urged him to go see the new Mickey Rourke movie, "The Wrestler," so that we could talk about it. Week after week he was too busy or hadn't gotten a chance to. Finally after weeks of waiting, I said, "Hey Bundy, I got another movie I want you to go see that you're an expert in. "What's that?" He asked. "It's called sit on your couch and watch television all day, Can you go see that?" "Yeah," he said. "I can do that, then I'll show you how great it was using you as the couch! Rest in Peace Chris.

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