New Jersey drivers are unlike any other driver. We drive with a purpose. We want to get where we're going as quickly and safely as possible and don't want anything to get in our way, especially out-of-state drivers. You are not alone.

There's a code when you drive in New Jersey that many out-of-state drivers don't seem to understand. I'm not talking about flipping the bird although it would be easier to keep both hands on the wheel if we weren't so annoyed by out-of-state drivers who think New Jersey roads are there for them and them alone.

For instance, the left lane is for passing, not touring. Instead of spending money printing state documents into several different languages, how about putting signs along New Jersey roads enforcing the left lane laws?

attachment-Left lane

I don't understand why all states don't have the same rules about the left lane, but since they don't, I think signs and more enforcement would be a great idea, especially the enforcement part. Nothing would please me more.

Out-of-state drivers don't get us. Check out Mike Brant's post about what they had to say about our jughandles. They may not get us, but they do know how to annoy us. Here are some of the many ways taken from my listeners and social media following.

John Manzo
PA for the win. The don’t understand, left lane is for passing, not driving Miss Daisy

Andrew Chick Pisani
NY & Pa drivers do the same thing; they get in the left lane and drive under the speed limit.

Anne Gray Rainsford
Pennsylvania. Seems when they slap that PA license plate on the car, it disables the turn indicators. Doesn’t work for making turns OR changing lanes.

Patty Mangiante-Thomas
As I like to call them MASS-HOLES! Massachusetts & NY are horrible. Live in the city & can’t drive on the highway… then DON’T

Carrie Mansfield
Maryland drivers are horrible

John Riebel
Delaware. Route 1 is basically the Autobahn but they don’t move the hell over

attachment-Stop light

Junior Canonico
Pennsylvania & Massachusetts
Left Lane Blockers @ 45mph
And....they count to 10 when the light turns green before moving...

Rob Brooklyn
New Yorkers and Pennsylvania.
They don’t use blinkers.
They stay in the left lane and won’t move to the right. MOVE OVER! It’s the Passing Lane!
If you put your signal on to change lanes, they speed up

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