Ahh, life in the Great Garden State. There's nothing quite like it anywhere else in the country.

New Jersey is known for many things that those from out of state simply will never understand. One of those things is our great debate questioning if Central New Jersey does exist.

Or if that delicious meat found everywhere in our state is called Taylor Ham or Pork Roll. For the record, the product is in reality pork roll, and yes, there really is a Central Jersey.

But we'll forever debate over that, and it's one of the many things that makes life so great in New Jersey. Not only do debates like that confuse some out-of-staters, but things like our infrastructure also throw them off.

Traffic jughandle
Google Maps

Take the jughandle, for example. In order to turn left, you must turn right. Something New Jerseyans fully embrace but those from out of state has a hard time understanding.

Recently, I came across an online thread of someone who needed to get somewhere on the left side of a divided highway. They were just visiting the area and decided to film themself having to drive way past the location to the next light, where they proceeded to use a jughandle.

This led to many others chiming in with their thoughts on New Jersey's roads, and boy oh boy did they have a lot to say. Apparently, our way of life is just plain confusing to many others who aren't from around here.

Check out some of the comments below in response to this thread and see what those outside our borders think about the Jersey jughandle. Trust me, some of these comments are simply classic.

Ha! These out-of-state driver comments on NJ jughandles are pure gold

Quick-witted responses to a frustrated driver who posted about having to navigate a New Jersey jughandle.
Person confused about jughandles
Google Maps via Canva

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