Thousands of years ago from high atop the Watchung Mountains came down The Ten Commandments of pizza. (Okay, it was Friday, and it wasn't sent by anybody other than Deminski & Doyle and our listeners and only because it was National Pizza Day, but just play along.) These commandments will serve for all mankind to come in the land of Jersey as the way to keep pizza holy.

The Ten Commandments of pizza

1. Pizza is the best food in New Jersey, you will have no other favorite food.

2. Thou shall not call frozen pizza, pizza.

3. Nor shall thou call Chicago deep dish pizza, pizza or Sicilian pizza, pizza.

4. Thou shall fold thy pizza.

5. Pizza shall remain pure of pineapple and other unholy toppings.

6. Thou shall never forsake a pizza by trying to remove its grease.

7. Thou shall not use a knife and fork on pizza.

8. Thou shall not take pizza's name in vain by calling national chain pizza, pizza.

9. Thou shall not re-heat in thy microwave.

10. Thou shall not cut thy round pizza in squares.

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