When it comes to beach etiquette, some rules are universal.

They might seem like they would be obvious to the average beachgoer. yet year after year when you visit New Jersey's beautiful beaches, you see people flouting the obvious rules of etiquette anytime you go.

I mean how much common sense does it take to not project a never-ending spray of sunscreen onto your kid when you're two or 3 feet away from another blanket?

Now, you may think that some of these would go without saying, so just as a reminder--A refresher--if you will, let's go into the summer season with a clear-cut set of rules for the beach!

These have been culled from listener responses, but we stand by them all!!

1. Thou shalt not shake out beach towels close to thy neighbor: Walk a significant distance away before you do this to as mentioned above walk a significant difference away from people before you spray sunscreen.

2. If morbidly obese with rolls of flesh hanging over your suit, thou shalt cover-up.

3. Thou shalt always plant thyself at least 5 yards away from other beachgoers on holiday weekends: We'll give you 10 yards on regular beach days.

4. Thou shalt not (and I mean not never ever) feed the seagulls: Or let your kids feed them. This is one of the most egregious offenses on the beaches.

5. Thou shalt not change at the beach: No amount of shielding you with a towel is going to hide the fact that you are actually doing on the beach what you should have done before you got here.

6. Thou shalt not bring dogs on the beach. Period: Except for the few specifically designated dog beaches in New Jersey. A beach with human beings is no place for a dog.

7. Thou shalt not fly drones over the beach: Drones may be fun. They may be cool, but it bothers people and infringes on their privacy to look up and see a little mini aircraft taking photos of them. Not to mention the fact that it's a horrible angle.

8. Thou shalt not rest hot feet on another's beach towel or blanket.

9. Thou shalt move screaming and/or rowdy children away from others 

And, of course, possibly most importantly...

10. Thou shalt not wear Speedos or thongs if thou art a man: This is not St. Tropez and one could argue that they shouldn't even be doing it there but thank God in the good old US of A, men have the good sense not to show more of their junk (or butts) than they should. How bout let's keep it that way?

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