My daughter was making her lunch for school the next day when she called me into the kitchen.

“Dad, look at these two strawberries!”

Jeff Deminski photo

Indeed these strawberries were odd. It looked like someone glued them together.

“Now turn them!”

I'm thinking, 'is she working on some stupid magic trick?' So I turned them.

Jeff Deminski photo
Jeff Deminski photo

Holy weirdness! This was one continuous strawberry. One strawberry that looks like it started out as two and fused together. Or sort of the Siamese twins of strawberries. Bigger than my daughter’s mouth!

Jeff Deminski photo

Does Shari's Berries know about this?
Don’t blame Jersey for this peculiar produce! This freaky strawberry came all the way from California.

She didn’t have the heart to eat it. It’s still in our fridge.

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