Just when you think you’ve seen everything in New Jersey.

On the streets of Orange police were called when people began noticing a sheep with balloons tied to it wandering about. It wasn’t easy, but an officer named Rudy finally caught him and when the sheep was sent to its new home at Popcorrn Park Zoo they named it after its rescuer.

In the neighborhood where he was found residents told animal control officers the sheep was going to be used in an animal sacrifice ritual. It had a huge chunk of wool missing from its back. No idea what the balloons were about.

“Luckily this little guy escaped and was found by Rudy and the next day morning was brought down to Popcorn Park,” the Popcorn Park group said in a social media post. “An exam showed a severely ulcerated cornea of his right eye laceration of his ear and just plain disheveled.”

What was feared to be a permanently injured eye is now healing. Soon Rudy will be introduced to other sheep and goats. Talk about an upgrade after escaping an animal sacrifice!

This is far from the first strange animal sighting in the Dirty Jerz. Remember the Tiger Lady of Jackson? When a tiger was spotted loose and creating an insane amount of public panic everyone assumed it was nearby Great Adventure's big cat. Nope.

Seven years ago a cow was running loose on the Garden State Parkway around mile marker 114.

Who remembers the alligator in the motel swimming pool in Atlantic City? It was in 2017 at the Bayview Inn & Suites. The alligator was there being used to make a rap video.

We asked for stories from our listeners about the strangest animal sighting they had in Jersey. Our listeners never disappoint. Here are just a few.

Whale in the Delaware River - Howard called in to say he was there in 2005 when a beluga whale made its way through the bay and part way up the Delaware. He said it was an amazing thing to see and it drew huge crowds. Soon several news helicopters were hovering over the Delaware and the whale made the news.

Sacrificial goat - Rex called in to tell the story of his father who worked in animal control in Roxbury. One day it was reported that in or near some abandoned mines someone found the remains of a goat that looked like it had been tortured. When his dad found it, the legs had been bound together, it had been set on fire and burned alive, and Satanic messages and symbols written and drawn on small pieces of paper were shoved into the goats ear canals. Creepy.

Bear - Dave who turns out to live very close to me told a story about seeing a bear one night right on the side of 202 South in Flemington. At first he thought, 'Man, that's a huge dog!' Soon he realized he was looking at a bear, just hanging out right on the other side of the guardrail watching traffic. This was right by Northlandz if you're familiar with the area. This also means there is a chance after all that I may finally see my first bear.

Marsh Hawk - Okay, I didn't even know what this bird is until Lupine called it in. It's a small hawk with a white underbelly that flies extremely low to the ground to hunt, usually mice and snakes. But this one day when he saw a Marsh Hawk he watched as it snatched a rabbit right off the ground and brought it home for dinner.

Giant turkey and rabid raccoon - Ethan saw these just recently. On the median of a busy road a female turkey, and standing in the middle of the travel lanes a huge, puffed up male turkey. The thing was so stubborn it wouldn't let traffic by and animal control had to be called out, which spent a lot of time chasing this horny bastard. Also, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon when nocturnal raccoons ought to be sleeping, he saw an extremely agitated, snarling raccoon in the center of the street moving slow like a zombie. Yep, surely rabies. Creepy.

Goat - Richard admits he was drinking the night before, but swears outside of Kearny in an old industrial section of town he suddenly saw a goat running in and out of traffic. It clearly belonged to somebody because that somebody soon showed up running after it without much success. He knows what he saw, but he still vowed to back off the heavy drinking just in case.

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