Last week rumors circulated about armed protestors showing up at state capitols around the country, including in Trenton.  You could have bet the house that nothing would happen here for two reasons. For one, no one in New Jersey is allowed to legally carry a weapon, unless you're a retired cop or a unicorn. The second reason is that the vast majority of conservatives and Trump supporters are law abiding, patriotic citizens.

Yes, a week and a half ago violence broke out at the Capitol Building in Washington, including but not limited to zealous Trump supporters. But for the overwhelming majority of Trump rallies, there was no violence and no threat. The only predicted threat came consistently from the media, and that's all that showed up on Sunday in Trenton. There were plenty of media trucks and vehicles from every outlet waiting to catch the 'Trump mob' in action again.

The media has done more to damage the country psychologically and morally in this country in the last four years than any loudmouth, arrogant, orange businessman-turned-President ever could. They constantly fanned the flames of hatred and division and highlighted and portrayed any mis-step or brash comment as pure evil.

From the beginning of Trump's term in office they encouraged a chorus of voices predicting fascism, totalitarianism and general outright hatred and evil from the White House. It never materialized. So, when the violence broke out on January 6 at the Capitol, and inexcusable travesty by any sane person's measure, they couldn't wait to say, "see we told you so". Portraying not only Trump but all of his supporters as blood thirsty thugs who would do anything to keep their 'orange king' on his throne.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly an egotistical, narcissistic, immature, brash, wise-ass billionaire with an at-times artful way of getting his point across. But he wasn't the boogeyman the media and the Democrats said he was.

Hard to take, embarrassing and sometimes foolishly over the top? Absolutely! But what happened on that Wednesday almost two weeks ago, was not what Trump wanted to be remembered by. But is sure was what the media wanted us all to remember him for. They kept playing the footage on a loop constantly, like they never would have done with all of the left-wing violence that raged across the country all summer long.

Now that Trump is almost gone, I wonder if what the future holds will benefit the media and all of the people who hated him so much. Remember the old adage, be careful what you wish for. My fear is that it will be less than ideal for you whether you voted for him or not. And yes, the only angry, foaming at the mouth mob that showed up on Sunday in Trenton, was the real danger, the media.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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