Forget about just playing Santa Claus. With the new assisted suicide bill Gov. Phil Muphy plans to sign into law, Murphy and his ilk want to play God, too. I know I’ll score no points with the theological debate, it’s been a long time since the sanctity of life has meant anything to anyone.

I’ll even ignore the fact that most doctors will not be comfortable with prescribing a lethal dose of ANY medication to ANYONE, no matter how much they want to die. Yeah, you’ll have your rogue Kevorkians here and there, a couple of brave “doctors” who are willing to stake their reputations and their consciences on this folly, but most who took the hippocratic oath won’t be able to stomach it.

But here’s an important point the legislature doesn’t understand. It’s the fact that human suffering is a PART OF LIFE. Good times are an integral part of the human experience and SO ARE BAD TIMES. Human suffering, whether it’s the emotional toll of being called names or getting fired from a job, or the physical pain of being injured in an accident or having terminal cancer is now unacceptable to us. WE WONT STAND FOR IT! And in an attempt to ameliorate ALL SUFFERING there’s a law or a litigator to soothe all that ails us, to smooth out all the bumps.

Even pagan physicians at the dawn of Western Civilization espoused the sanctity of human life. But that’s sooooo 1st century!!! We’re modern! Today, we have “death with dignity”. And you can call it that all you want, but here’s the cold hard truth: Judeo Christian values are a nuisance in the modern world and are scoffed at and discouraged in this country more than in almost any other. Think about it: the government’s in control of the rules regarding who can and cannot kill themselves; you must have six months to live, you must make the request in writing, etc. Didn’t these guy ever hear of a medical miracle? One where someone is given six months to live and gets another five years or more? They’ll ignore all that because this law and its minutiae make for the ultimate government power grab: along with a doctors recommendation, THEY decide who may live and who may die.

Why is this so attractive to big government advocates? Well, It’s a vicious cycle. The more the government is in control, the less God is, and the less God there is in people’s minds, the more they will relinquish power to their government. Period. That’s why it behooves socialists, scientists and the radical lefties that populate our state and much of our country to push God worship down and promote government worship instead. A big government leftie like Murphy is licking his chops over this.

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