By now most people understand that the wearing of masks has run its course. But even after Gov. Murphy lifted mask mandates yesterday, he made it clear that there were some exceptions. And even those exceptions seem kind of ... arbitrary.

It almost seems like the governor wants to maintain a little control over his constituents for as long as he possibly can. But the most bothersome thing about the the new no-mask rules is that school kids are an exception. That means your child will go back to school in September wearing a mask even though the CDC says children are not as susceptible to COVID.

Now, you may think this is because school age kids can’t get vaccinated. And that’s what the governor claims is his reason. But actually, that’s not the whole story. I’m not convinced that school kids need the vaccination because we now know that transmission in schools was never a major problem. And their teachers presumably are all vaccinated.

You see, the REAL ruler of our state, Gov. Murphy’s ruler (yes, even the ruler has to answer to a higher authority) is the teacher’s union, the New Jersey Education Association. It’s likely that the NJEA decided whether or not the mask mandate would be lifted for our schoolchildren. Children!!! The ones for whom masking is really unnecessary in the first place. The ones whose masking requirement should’ve been lifted first!

But what the NJEA says, the NJEA gets because after all, they are the ones who will get Murphy reelected in November. So anytime you have to slap a mask on your poor little school kid this September and it makes you wanna cry, you can thank the most powerful teacher’s union in the country, the NJEA. Oh, and it’s most obsequious sycophant, Gov. Phil Murphy.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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