As we wait for legalized recreational marijuana in New Jersey, be careful of the illegal weed you buy.

According to a New York Post article, a new study from Spain found that street marijuana may have an alarming amount of poop on the plastic packaging it comes in. In fact, researchers from Forensic Science International say that 88 percent of weed packets had a dangerous amount of doodie on them!

Not only does the study say that this weed is “not suitable for consumption” but it should actually be considered a public health issue because of all the  E.coli bacteria that it's carrying.

If you're handling the packaging, guess what's on your hands? Guess what you're rolling into that joint and inhaling?

How does the poop get so close to the pot? Researchers believe that it's from smugglers who swallow small wrapped baggies of the drug, called an "acorn," to avoid being detected. They're then taking a laxative to pass it.

Disgustingly enough, 93 percent of those acorn bags of weed were literally covered in crap. At least only 29.4 percent of weed in blocks had poop physically on them, which I guess is technically better?

As if we're not dealing with enough crap trying to get it legalized.

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