After such a chaotic year that probably accelerated aging for every parent in New Jersey, why in the world would any of us miss virtual learning? What one thing is there to miss?

Before I go any further, this argument is not about whether our kids should have a virtual option due to the pandemic. We don't have that option in our public school system at this time, so we're going to stick with what's reality.

As much as we want to forget last year ever existed, there is one thing we had then that we don't have now. And that one thing is this: Being involved with your kids in the classroom on the first day as they begin this new chapter.

I know it seems strange to say that, but hear me out.

How did it go for you?
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Last year, we were introduced to the teacher and entire class, in the class setting.

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We played a role in helping our kids get off to a good start with the upcoming school year.

Virtual learning
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And as chaotic as last year was with virtual learning, we were able to be a part of that journey.


And not to mention, we gained a much larger appreciation and respect for our educators as we watched them do what they do best.

A rocky start with virtual schooling
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Although not being a part of this journey does feel a little empty, here's where I stand on not having the virtual option this year.

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Yes, I'm beyond glad my kids are back in the school building full-time. And no, I never want to repeat the nightmare of virtual learning we all collectively went through last year. As a household of two full-time working parents, it's amazing our kids learned anything at all.


But they did, and now they're off to the next grade. So, as much as we don't want a repeat of last year, we do feel like we're missing out just a little bit.

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Not being part of that introduction to class is the one thing we do miss about virtual learning.

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Whether or not you also feel this way, one thing's for sure – parents not being part of the classroom during the school day is the way it's supposed to be.


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