Nothing says New Jersey like a New Jersey diner. No matter how many franchise restaurants and eateries come into the Garden State with their cookie-cutter menus that don't differ no matter where they are, they pale in comparison to our great diners where pork roll (or Taylor Ham depending where you are), egg and cheese is the perfect breakfast sandwich and disco fries are a staple.

One of New Jersey's greatest diners, the Tops Diner (aptly named), which has been named as the best diner in the country by Time Out, is going to be torn down with an $11 million replacement on the way. Won't that be a nice place to eat your cheeseburger deluxe!

Giving Tops its due as Jersey's best, there are many other diners here in the Garden State that we should know about, especially as we deal with a pandemic that has us looking for different places to order takeout from.

What's great about New Jersey diners is that many have been handed down through the generations. Many have recipes for dishes that you cannot get anywhere else. Some just have a knack for making what everyone else makes only better. Many of these we don't know about.

So with that in mind, I asked my social media following, where are the best diners in New Jersey that we should know about and what is their speciality? Here's some of what you came up with.

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