If you could take a bunch of elements from the Bill Spadea morning show and bottle them in the form of a beer, the end result would be pretty similar to the Flying Fish Brewing Co.'s "Morning Crew Brew," which made it's debut Friday morning.

A bit complex, slightly bitter, a bit spicy, fun, dark and serious but not too heavy, surprising and definitely in-your-face, but with sort of a sweet ending - sound familiar?

For weeks, the morning crew waited....and waited....for the brew to be unveiled. It began with a discussion around Thanksgiving between Spadea and Eric Scott. The morning show gave master brewer Barry Holsten a list of flavor notes they wanted the beer to embody. Not surprisingly, coffee topped the list. The end result is what Holsten described as a black IPA, of which only about 20 gallons were brewed by the folks at Flying Fish in Somerdale (and approximately two made their way to the studio).

While Eric Scott may have been the only one in the studio to accurately dissect all of the flavor notes (seriously, no one else tasted anise and caramel), the beer was a big hit with everyone. Now if only we could get our hands on those other 18 gallons....

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