I once asked Gilbert Gottfried what he liked best about New Jersey and his answer was "leaving New Jersey." That said, keep in mind that Gilbert didn't live here; we do — or for many, they did.

More people are leaving New Jersey than any other state. Our biggest export is population. It's so bad that we should have a billboard that says "Don't let the dor hit you in the a** on the way out"

By the way, when you do leave it's going to cost you at one of the many exit tolls we have.  But it's going to cost you so much more.

You're going to be the only one who speaks like you, which means other people could make fun of you.

You're going to have to make a left turn without a jughandle.

Olive Garden will be your go-to Italian restaurant.

Papa Johns, Domino's and Pizza Hut will be your go-to pizza places! Ugh

Here's what my listeners and social media following had to add.

Donna Blake Hacking
Going down the shore!

Scott Soffen
Getting my gas pumped

Source Adobe Stock By Maridav
Source Adobe Stock By Maridav

Martin Stephens
Long Beach Island!

Michael Heins
Pic-a-lilly in AC

Jack Kravitz
I moved away to Atlanta, GA. I missed my friends so much. Seems if you have true friends from NJ those F***ers will take a bullet for you.

Chris McKelvey
I did move away for 6yrs. Missed PORK ROLL. Was in a place I was delivering to & asked if they had pork roll & cheese. Guy looks at me & says - What’s that?

Jamie Skinner
I did a year ago. I miss a good Jersey pork roll and cheese on a real Jersey hard roll.

attachment-Untitled design - 2022-04-25T123910.493

Jerry Rubino
Princeton Record Exchange, Jack's Music and Tunes (and a few I still need to visit!)


Tom Strauss
The ocean in close proximity

Gloria Manchester
My daughter moved to California and she misses the pizza!

Paul Cigala

Wawa-Mare of Easttown

Chuck Homler
I moved from New Jersey in 2004 to Maine for 10 years.
The food was definitely what I missed the most. I couldn't find good pizza, bagels, or Chinese. And these were staples that I took for granted.
The coastline is so different up there too. With few sandy beaches, and a lot of rocky ones. But I still went to the beach. But as much as I would enjoy going to Jenkinson's, or Seaside, I didn't miss the lack of amusements.

John Moyer
I moved away 30 years ago and I desperately miss panzarottis.

Beth Coffey Fite
I did leave 😢 so here’s my list, in order:
1) Pizza
2) Hoagies
3) Boardwalks
4) Cheesesteaks
5) Mister Softees

Thomas Thomi Hawk Hickey
The food. Need pork roll - pizza- sausage and peppers ( Italian ) and Sabrett hot dogs!

Chrissy B Harris
The question should be what don't you miss?

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