O.J. Simpson has been granted parole by a Nevada parole board.

The four commissioners who questioned Simpson by videoconference heard testimony from Simpson, his daughter and the victim in the armed robbery that put the former sports start in prison for nearly nine years.

The 70-year-old Simpson had a good chance at getting parole because he's kept a clean prison record.

One of the sports memorabilia dealers in the robbery that put O.J. Simpson in prison told the board that the former sports star apologized to him and he accepted it.

Bruce Fromong said he and Simpson have been friends for almost 27 years and that Simpson is not a threat. He said Simpson's nearly nine years behind bars is "way too long" and that it's time for him to go home to his family and friends.

He said Simpson is a good man and made a mistake. Turning to Simpson, Fromong said that if Simpson was released: "Juice, I'll be here tomorrow for you."

Simpson told the board that he is sorry "that things turned out the way they did" and had no intent to commit a crime.

Simpson also said he will be "no problem" and would like to get back to family and friends. He said no one has represented his prison better than himself.

He said he would like to get back to his family and friends.

Arnelle Simpson, O.J. Simpson's oldest child, spoke on behalf of the family at his parole hearing in Nevada, saying they just want him to come home.

She told the parole board Thursday that the family realizes he's not perfect but has done the best he can. She said he didn't make the right decision in 2008 when he tried to take back sports memorabilia in a budget hotel room in Las Vegas.

Arnelle Simpson said she knows her father is remorseful, and the family wants him home so they can move forward. She called her father her best friend and her rock.

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