Three days and a wake up are all that stand between New Jersey voters and the selection of a new governor. Of course we'll also head to the polls on Tuesday to choose legislators to represent us in the Assembly and the State Senate as all 120 seats are up for election this year.

On the show Friday I was joined by a few of the candidates including Daryl Kipnis who's running a spirited challenge against gas tax supporting Senator Bob Smith in the 17th District and Assemblyman John DiMaio who is running to hold onto his Hunterdon County Assembly seat in the 23rd legislative district.

We also checked in with Rob Zwigard who is one of the organizers and fundraisers behind the scenes in Morris County who painted a picture of the 29 contested local races in the county, and the hundreds of thousands being spent on both sides for council, mayor and freeholder seats. We also heard from Assembly Minority leader Jon Bramnick who really echoed the sentiment brought up by the Asbury Park Press in their endorsement of Kim Guadagno, that we need balance in Trenton. He made the case more specifically to the local districts where several opposition candidates have a shot at winning.

The prospects of new legislators to oppose the Democratic majorities strangle hold on our finances is what voters need to aim for according the Bramnick. The bottom line is that the election is anybody's guess. If you believe the public polls, like Monmouth University, the race is double digits and Murphy wins in a walk.

The challenge with our friend Patrick Murray's polling is that some are saying that they've way over-sampled Democrats and have concluded that the turnout will be very high on the D side of the aisle. If that holds, it's a big day for Murphy and local Democrats. If however the turnout more reflects the Democrats who stayed home on 2009, we could be in for a long night.

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