Huge storm comes crashing through our area causing wide spread power outages and hell for commuters trying to make their way home Friday night. The question came up on the show Monday morning about why the Governor didn't declare a State of Emergency. Then callers started asking the other important question, where was the Governor and why was he not working with emergency staff to coordinate the response to the storm's damage?

First responders and workers from various power companies were up through the night trying to clear downed wires and trees that made some roads impassable and others dangerous. The efforts of all of the responders was commendable and, in some cases, heroic. At the very least, they all deserved more from the top elected official in the state than a night off. Is Governor Murphy that bored with the job after only a few weeks that he didn't care? Is the new Governor so arrogant that he figured the response would happen with or without his involvement? Is he so focused on running for President in 2020 that he needed a break from the planning? This is exactly what you can expect from an arrogant, rich, elitist. Truth is that he gives the one percent a bad name. I've had the privilege of working with many wealthy people in my career and most, if not all, represent hard work, leadership and a general understanding of what to do in case of emergency. Governor "No Show" Murphy clearly failed at all three levels. Actually, "No Show" is in the lead on our listener poll, so don't forget to vote!

Maybe the Governor is also distracted by the only accomplishment he's had in his first month plus at the helm, joining more than a dozen lawsuits against the Trump Administration. Way to go Gov! Nothing speaks to making NJ affordable for working and middle class families than to spend all of your time directing your Attorney General to join lawsuits to makes yourself marketable to Democratic Primary voters in 2020.

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