Special Millennial guest Nicole Peraino from Chasing News joined us in the green room at Parx Casino before a big show recently.

One question that came up: What exactly does OMW mean? Believe it or not, Spadea showed off a little Millennial knowledge, Jay on the other hand, not so much. Suffice to say it does not mean "Oh My Word." Jay also had a bit of an interesting take on some medication that he's been taking...he's not drinking anymore, but he's having a bit of trouble expressing a "sad" emotion, even when the situation calls for it. His doctor makes him feel like patient zero because of the amount of medication he's taking. On the bright side, he's lost 41 pounds.

Also, SNL legend Kevin Nealon joined us for a special podcast about comedy.  Much of the early conversation was about Kevin's friend Kirk Fox, who woke from a nap to join us.  The conversation was interesting to say the least with three comics at the table. Jessica held her own when Kirk questioned her and called her out for being bored with the non-millennial references.

There was also a reference to Crosby, Stills and Nash.  Yes, we explained who they are to our millennial friend.

You can listen tot he latest episode below.

Listen above!

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