I love those Sonic commercials on television, and whenever I see them they make me hungry. Problem is, I've never see a Sonic in New Jersey, although they are here. When I heard about the one closing in Tinton Falls, it got me thinking about some of the other franchises that are no longer here.

It's tough for a franchise to make it in New Jersey because we have some of the best food in the country, if not the world. With that in mind, it's hard to compete with what's already here. I asked everyone in Jersey what are some of the food franchises we miss. Here's what I got ...

From Facebook:

Robin Bickell Thompson: "I miss Bennigans, Ground Round, Charlie Brown's, and Garcia's!"

Ryan Wujcik: "In & Out"

Irv Slifkin: "Steer In"

Steven Yeger: "Gino's and Arthur Treacher's"

Dean Ceran: "When I lived in Eatontown, the best place to get a sub was the Space Station. Should have been a franchise!"

Russell Bien: "Whenever I travel west, it's Carl's Jr for lunch."

Jason Ruvolo: "I want Taco John's back in NJ and would love to see Whataburger in NJ. Oh, how I miss Whataburger!"

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