Time Magazine naming the “Me Too” people “Person of the Year” is appropriate, but not for the reasons you’d think.

It’s an appropriate choice because “Person of the Year” is supposed to be someone who has affected dramatic and significant change in society-for better or for worse. In the case of the #MeToo people, it’s a travesty.

These women have opened the floodgates of whiners and complainers and oversensitivity. They’ve given license to other women to get their moment in the sun and to be publicly lauded, and receive mass sympathy and attention from millions of women. This kicks off a vicious cycle in which other women then search their memory banks for any offensive behavior they may have been subjected to and so on and so on.

The latest abuse of this sympathy hit home here in New Jersey in Toms River, where a woman who worked for a towing company received $57,000 for her apparent inability to deal with the crude behavior of her boss. Although she actually came back to the Job after leaving once, she apparently saw a dollar sign instead of a hashtag in #metoo and sued.

This woman worked for a towing company! A preschool or a church would’ve been a more appropriate work environment for someone so hurt by crass language. This is nothing less than a get rich quick scheme that many women are going to avail themselves of, and all because of the #MeToo people.

Once again, the same women who are fighting for equality and the ability to prove they have the strength of any man are acting like scared little girls. And there’s more to come.

Now, men will be tiptoeing around women in the workplace, not trusting them to make rational judgements. Women won’t be allowed into the “boys club” since they have positioned themselves as the enemy, ready to pounce and ruin a career at any moment with a call to a lawyer or a hashtag on Twitter.

Expect women to be hired less often now, since they can be considered dangerous to a company and to their male coworkers. Especially their male superiors who generally do the hiring. I wouldn’t hire a woman now if you paid me.

So you’re right, Time Magazine, the #MeToo women have turned society around. They’ve changed the culture as we know it. And in doing so, they have ruined it for themselves.

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