I thought the New Jersey Lottery's idea of incorporating the classic pork roll/Taylor ham debate into a new scratch-off game was brilliant. It's not just about matching numbers. If you uncover the word "ham" or "pork" you can win.

People get so passionate about certain quintessential Jersey debates that some who never even buy lottery tickets will want to play this game. It's inspired. Kudos, New Jersey Lottery.

We brought this up on Tuesday's show and I thought...why stop there?

So we polled our listeners (through the oh-so-scientific process of whoever could get to their phones first, of course) and asked the following questions.

Do you call it pork roll or Taylor ham?

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

Is there a Central Jersey?

Should you be able to pump your own gas in New Jersey?

There was a lot of passion. Much arguing. Tempers flared. Relationships broke up. (Okay not really.)

In the end here's how it broke down. There was only one big surprise.

Pork roll beat Taylor ham by 10 to six.

Does Central Jersey exist? 11 people incorrectly said it does and five people who knew better said it does not. Two people who really need their heads examined not only said Central Jersey exists but that Union County was part of it. Unhinged I tell ya.

Townsquare Media photo illustration (romanbabakin)
Townsquare Media photo illustration (romanbabakin)

But the big surprise was the gasoline question. In a state where politicians are afraid to grow a set and Jersey girls usually pride themselves on laziness at the gas station, the vote was 14 to two in favor of being allowed to pump your own gas.

Maybe there's hope for us yet.


Now as scientific as that was (not) maybe we could use a larger sample size. So we are asking the same questions in an online poll and you can see after a few days if the percentages are about the same or way off.

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