That was the challenge posed on NJ101.5's Facebook page. Could you fill in that blank? The best thing about being from NJ is _______. Of course it's easy to be sarcastic. So let's get the negative ones out of the way first. Just some of the Jersey hate we received was as follows.

Janice Karmon: Paying exorbitant taxes! WOOOOOO!!!
They do have us there. If you live here, it's the first thing you think about.

Donald Fazio: Getting out
Aaaaand there goes the second thing you think about.

Michael Pingor: Nothing
This was almost poetic existentialism in its brevity and lack of faith.

Susan Pakula: Christie memes
At least they've made us laugh. The beach memes continue to this day!

Kevin Richards: Well the taxes are very low. LMFAO
Ah, again, the delicious sarcasm. Can't blame him!

But if you look past the negative, if you really dig down deep and think about what remains right about New Jersey after they've done everything else wrong, here are some of my favorite answers.

Mike Duffy: Having been well educated.
There's no denying this one. First our public schools are among the very finest in the nation. Then graduates of New Jersey colleges and universities earn more than grads from other states' schools.

Walterjohn Lukashonak: them Jersey girls...
This one's not easy to quantify like education, but there's definitely nothing else like a Jersey girl. I married one and couldn't be happier!

Karen Secoolish: U don’t pump gas
This one is arguable, but since most still embrace the ban on self-serve it's an argument I'll lose.

Fred Gerson:The only good thing is pizza and bagels. After that there is no reason to stay here

Speaking of food, others beg to differ...

Barbara Kessler: jersey tomatoes & blueberries


Gary Burlew: We have porkroll and almost nowhere else does 100 miles past our border lmao

Craig Van Duyne: Diners

All great, and more diners here than anywhere else!

Loretta Kumpf: It never gets TOO hot for too long, or TOO cold for too long.
I do think there's something to be said for having all four seasons to enjoy.

Ann-Louise Smith: One is close to the shore, Philly and NYC. I was born here and was lucky enough to grow up in South Jersey (Salem County).
Proximity to everything and no reason to be bored. Location, location, location!

Nancy Paternoster: Your attitude. It is in your DNA.
This last one might be the best thing yet. Being from New Jersey, unlike other states, puts you a special club. We're underdogs with attitudes, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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