This meme sparked quite a reaction when I posted it to social media. By the looks of it, it was one helluva conversation starter on the r/Philadelphia subreddit.

There are a ton of ways you could go, and the options above aren't even scratching the surface.

At first glance the coffee island seems like the safest bet. Especially if you are waiting for your sandwich at any point aside from the morning rush.

The problem is Wawa is the type of place someone who needs a giant piping hot coffee at 3 pm would go to. And you definitely don't want to be in that person's way.

Joe Votruba photo
Joe Votruba photo

One option that isn't listed that I would recommend right off the top, if your local Wawa allows for it, is to wait by the rack of prepackaged cakes and breakfast sweets.

Your pound cakes, danishes, and the like.

I find that this area usually tends to be near the deli and coffee sections but never sees the foot traffic I'm sure they're hoping for.

Even in the morning, you see more customers gravitating towards the donuts and muffins under the heated lamp. A good pound cake can hit the spot, though.

Waiting for your Wawa order really is a losing game no matter how you play it. Inevitably you will be in someone's way.

Being anywhere near a vantage point where the worker preparing your order can see you waiting is the worst feeling in the world. And, you can only pretend to stare at the chips below the deli counter for so long.

I highly recommend trying the pre-packaged cakes stand next time you're waiting for your Wawa order.

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