When I read about what went on at "The Hub" in Hoboken, where a champagne-dousing party escalated into people performing sex acts without even waiting to leave and get a room, it started me thinking about some of the great pick-up bars in New Jersey.

Once upon a time, before there were apps and swiping, people actually got dressed up into what they felt most coolest, and tried to hook up using nothing but their personalities, BS, and (in some cases) bank accounts, real or imagined. So I asked and put together a list of some of the best pick-up places in New Jersey back in the day.

Montego Bay in Belmar was one of them. This video, put together in 1986 by comedian Mike Marino, pretty much says it all:

Some others:

Colonels Garter in South Amboy always had a great band and a great time.

At Jimmy Byrne's Sea Girt Inn, the party continued long after the other bars closed, with sing-alongs and great opportunities to meet people.

Curtis Simmons says "Jays Elbow Room. Lol." and also suggests "Kaminsky's" in Cherry Hill.

From Dean Ceran: "Back in the day it was the Blue Dolphin!"

Anthony Celli says “The Coral Reef” (Also: "someone told me that.")

And from Susan Rochester Zucconi: "Playpen in Sayreville," "Hunka Bunka in Sayreville" and "Red Fox Inn in New Brunswick."

From New Jersey 101.5:

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