I've become a fan of a sitcom called "Bob Hearts Abishola" It stars Billy Gardell whom you may remember as Mike from "Mike and Molly." In this he plays Bob who's suffers a heart attack and meets Abishola, played by Folake Olowofoyeku, who was his nurse in the hospital. He's divorced and runs a family-owned sock company in Detroit where the show takes place. She's from Nigeria and lives with her aunt and uncle while trying to raise her son to become a doctor. Let the courtship begin.

Part of that courtship is when Bob shuns the fancy restaurant and takes Abishola to Coney's for hot dogs and fries. He explains that when he found out his wife was cheating on him, that's where he went because the food was so good it could take your mind off of anything. I'm paraphrasing the dialog but when I heard it, it made me think of all the great food places we have like that in New Jersey.

What and where are your food "happy places?" Those are the places where no matter what's going on in your life, the food is so good that you can't focus on anything else. As we enter an even more depressing time of year when it gets colder and the days are shorter and the pandemic's dragging on forever, we need these places now more than ever. Let's hope our governor will give them what they need to remain open and not close like so many others have.

So as they sing, "forget your troubles, come on, get happy," and enjoy something to eat, where is that place? Here's some of what you came up with.

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