New Jerseyans are great at a lot of things, but one of the best Jersey staples would have to be crab fries.

New Jerseyans have been eating crab fries for generations and our dedication to ordering them anywhere we can is strong. So strong, that I watched a friend’s kid pass out from dehydration after eating an entire family bucket of them at Dorney Park.

Still, there is nothing quite like the unique taste of crab fries. They are so New Jersey! (OK I guess we can share them with Philadelphia, too).

Because crab fries always come up on a list of the quintessential New Jersey foods, we decided to ask our listeners which places had the best ones. I decided to share the five best with you.

Here are some Jersey-Native approved places with some top notch crab fries. The ones that our listeners say cannot be beat.

  • Chickie's and Petes

This spot is where you probably had your first crab fries, and I'm sure they weren’t your last either. At Chickie's and Petes, crab fries are the equivalent to bread. The crab fries come with an amazing cheesy dipping sauce, and people report that when you first try them, the addiction begins. Luckily, Chickie's and Petes are all over the state of NJ, so finding one shouldn't be a problem.

  • Just BeClaws

Another place where listeners warn not to make the mistake of getting only one order because you will eventually order another—or two. .Be careful if headed to this place because the fries are known to be addictive. They are served in quite a messy style, so bring along some wipes. They are dressed with a lemon aioli and you can even opt for crab on top.

  • The Crab Room

Located at Oyster Creek Restaurant and Boat Bar, the crab room is home to more than crab fry magic. Not only are they known for their delicious crab fries, but according to our listeners they’re fresh seafood also cannot be beat. If you are looking to enjoy a nice dinner on your way back from the shore, definitely check this place out. You can sit alongside the water while indulging in fresh seafood.

  • Hook & Reel Cajun Seafood & Bar

Hook and reel crab fries are not your mothers crab fries: they take it to the next level with actual crabmeat. Crabmeat fries are a hot commodity at Hook & Reel Cajun Seafood & Bar. The fries are smothered in crabmeat with a sriracha remoulade sauce. Hook and Reel has locations all across New Jersey as well as the US.

  • Sharky’s Wings & Raw Bar

Not only do our listeners go wild for Sharky’s crab fries, but Sharky’s is always on everyone’s list of best sports bars in NJ. One of the reasons is their lengthy menu dedicated to french fries. Their crab fries have mozzarella, butter, old bay and fresh crab meat and are most definitely worth every calorie. Although this list is dedicated to crab fries, out listeners tell us they also are pretty famous for their Sharky fries, which have brown gravy and mozzarella cheese, too.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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