Are they kidding? A new report from Wallethub claims New Jersey comes in at number 34 for most stressed state. Louisiana came in first. What could we possibly be stressed about in New Jersey? Funny you should ask, or was that me?. Here are the answers from my social media followers, of course traffic comes in at number 1:

Peter Szewzek - "Taxes, a money grabbing Trenton, no efforts to control their spending."

Tom Strauss - "I’m stressed anywhere I have to drive except in the Asbury Park/Neptune area...prices are an issue too..."

Tommy Doggies - "Howell Less stressed then when I was living in Maine, odd I must say."

Darcy Barbera - "Living in Burlington county Edgewater Park and not having a police force.. The criminals do. Harrassment by local poluce. 60 yrs old an 30 yr old millianls harrassment . Losing federal funds from the police force.."

Chris McKelvey - "Hey Steve Trevelise how about this for stress = driving along a peaceful highway & you see a sign that says “Welcome to Lakewood, NJ.”

Matthew White - "Lol I’m going to probably go opposite end here, but the energy and chaos of New Jersey actually comforts me. I feed off of it. I think it’s the most unique and authentic place in the nation. I feel at home and soak up all the characteristics that distinguish New Jersey from anywhere else."

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