With April being Stress Awareness Month and millennials reporting the highest average stress levels of any generation, the personal finance site, Wallethub has released its list of 2019's Most and Least Stressed States as well.

Analyst Jill Gonzalez says Wallethub looked at 40 different key indicators of stress across 50 states that range from the average hours of work per week to personal bankruptcy rates to the share of adults getting enough sleep at night.

New Jersey ranks in the middle of the pack at number 34, Gonzalez said.

She said that's specifically when it comes to money- and family-related stress. Right now, people seem to be doing well when it comes to income levels, job security and job growth in New Jersey. There is also a pretty low separation and divorce rate in the Garden State. .

Gonzalez said New Jersey did its best in the money and family categories, ranking 42nd and 43rd for stress in those, respectively. It ranked 26th when it came to health and safety stress. That would be adults in fair or poor health, or adults diagnosed with depression. It does have a good share of the insured population, which means people are not stressing out about being proactive about their health, Gonzalez said.

But New Jersey actually did its in work-related stress. People are working longer hours, Gonzalez said. The commute time in Jersey is around 32 minutes one way, which is a lot longer than the national average, which is 17 minutes.

Gonzalez said the underemployment rate could be better.

"I think it really comes down to average hours work per week and making sure there's some type of work balance. We also looked at the average leisure time spent per day which in New Jersey is a lot less than most other states," Gonzalez said.

Louisiana is the most-stressed state, followed by Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia, according to the report. Minnesota is the least stressed state followed by Utah, Massachusetts, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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