A Lakewood man who broke into a woman’s home and hid a camera in her bathroom was caught breaking in because the woman installed cameras in her home. That got us thinking and discussing relationships that people just can’t get over. Although there is no indication of a relationship in this case, a lot of times people just don’t know how to end relationships well. According to experts, in this day and age there are actually four decent and respectable ways to break up with someone—and they may surprise you.

  1. In person - This is considered the most courageous and the most polite way to break up with somebody. It might seem scary because you’re leaving yourself open to any eventuality including a strong emotional outburst. But it still remains the most traditional way to break up with someone in an honest, clear, and concise way.
  2. Phone call - Though it seems very passé to actually pick up the phone and call somebody today, making a phone call to break up with somebody is considered an acceptable way to break the bad news to someone without putting yourself in jeopardy of being in a situation you cannot extricate yourself from.
  3. Email - While this is not the preferable way to break up with someone, it takes the place of the old “dear John” letter (google it) and as long as you are respectful, honest and polite in the email, it is no different from the break-up letter of yore. Yes, it’s a little bit of a cop out, but it still is considered an acceptable way to end a relationship.
  4. Text - I know it’s surprising that texting actually makes the list of acceptable ways to break up with someone but believe it or not, it does. After all, you can say the same exact thing in a text that you would say in the aforementioned email and as I’ve already explained, an email is just a letter sent Digitally. Although I would prefer not to be broken up with via text, it certainly beats the alternative which is just completely ghosting someone, hoping to ignore them until they finally just go away.

Ghosting, though tempting, is rife with potential problems and will only prolong the discomfort and have him/ her wondering if the relationship still has a shot.

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