I found something interesting that was published a few months ago. Thisinsider.com ran an article called The most popular pet in every state that aren't cats or dogs. So let's get that out of the way. Yes, two out of the three most common pets in the state of New Jersey are exactly what you would think. Cats and dogs. No surprise there. But what would you guess is the third?

Before I give you the answer, consider some other states. In Alabama the third most common pet is the hedgehog. You were probably thinking more like a possum, right? Or is that just the most common appetizer at an Alabama wedding? Arizona and California have rabbits as theirs. Snakes are the third most popular in Illinois. It's birds in Florida. What are we surrounded by in Pennsylvania and New York respectively? Ferrets and hamsters.

Okay. Even a hamster is better than Jersey's. New Jerseys third most common pet at least according to this article is mice. Really? Something for which we otherwise set traps out and try to kill because we don't want them in our house? But if they come from a pet store suddenly they're adorbs? Please! Mice???

With all the crazy people who got into the backyard chicken coops I would have even guessed that before mice. Heck there's even a current story about the guy who tried to pass his pet chickens off as emotional support animals so he could get around the law and keep them. (Didn't work.)

But no, it's mice. Congratulations New Jersey. You allowed vermin in to our top three! Feelin' the pride!

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