1. Always remember that other people exist and they are eager to get on with their lives.
2. Know what you want BEFORE getting to the point of ordering.
3. Do not ask about coupons, specials, etc. prior to ordering.
4. Pay attention so that you can respond when the line moves.
5. Do not ask for any “special orders”; that’s what inside is for.
6. Do not order for the entire office in the drive through; again, that’s what inside is for.
7. Do NOT try to change your order once you get to the “pay” window.
8. Do not try to let your little kids do the ordering; it’s not cute.
9. Be aware that choices may have to be made, e.g., apple slices or fries? Don’t let that surprise you.
10. Be ready to pay as soon as you get to the window.

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