WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (Morris) — Police came to the rescue of a mother and her two children who holed up inside their bathroom after a bobcat slinked into their home.

Police arrived at 5:54 p.m. Wednesday at the house on East Mill Road and found the wild cat in the family's living room.

The bobcat was no ferocious feline — and police said the animal did not appear sick or rabid.

The mother took photos of the cat as its tabby face peered curiously back through a window.

The woman and police opened doors and windows and waited for the bobcat to leave — which it finally did about an hour later by leaping through a kitchen window and running into the woods.

Bobcats, which are endangered in New Jersey, are usually about 2 feet tall and can weigh 18 to 35 pounds. They hunt small animals.

They are normally elusive, but are occasionally spotted in the northwestern part of the state.

A Warren County resident recently posted this footage of a bobcat in his backyard. 

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