We all know who Dr. Mehmet Oz is, but until you’ve spoken to him you really don’t get a good sense of the energy and enthusiasm he brings to his work, his different projects, and his commitment to health.

Anybody who’s even a semi-regular listener to the Dennis and Judi show knows that we rarely have guests on the program. I mean, after all who could keep up with us? Or PUT Up with us? So we didn’t know quite what to expect!


Well Dr. Oz had no problem.. and took his time to explain the new Sharecare app that tells you your “realage” as opposed to your chronological age, gave us some much needed information about the flu and how to prevent it and just generally hung with us.

He’s gonna be sorry he invited us to his studio to hang out with him, because we may just take him up on it! Thanks Dr. Oz and we look forward to having him back soon!

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