Alright, I may be a little excited about Hulu acquiring the rights to ABC's classic early-90s TGIF lineup, to be rolled out at the end of this month. But I'm also eager to have Meteorologist Dan Zarrow back in the fold come Monday, as the path of Hurricane Irma (which Dan himself is presently escaping) and what it means for New Jersey is a bit more nuanced than what your Acting Assistant Junior Meteorologist can admittedly handle.

Luckily for me, I've been left with a beautiful, and beautifully simple, forecast for this second weekend of September in the Garden State. Friday could actually be the least sunny of the bunch: a mix of clouds and sunshine, and highs anywhere from the upper 60s to mid-70s. After a few days of talking about it, I think we can actually cancel that very slight shower chance in North Jersey this afternoon, which is an added bonus.

Overnight, we'll have clear skies and cool temperatures once again. "Cool" could be downright cold for late summer in some pockets where readings in the 40s are possible, but most of the state will feel lows in the 50s early on Saturday.

Daytime hours on Saturday bring the start of a three-day stretch of bright, unabashed sunshine. In fact, it seems like a perfect weekend to get out for a good cause, as I'll be doing in conjunction with this week's "What's So Great About the Garden State" feature. Saturday's highs remain right where we've been forecasting them the last couple of days, topping out at 70 but mostly in the 60s around the state.

Sunday and Monday are looking very similar at the moment, both still very sunny and both with highs pushing into the lower 70s.

By Tuesday, we will have a chance of showers, which could have something to do with Irma. Speaking of which: We are talking with current and former New Jersey residents who are in the path of this devastating storm. And, until he returns to this space, remember to check out Dan Zarrow's Facebook page for his latest updates.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow returns Monday, Sept. 11. Patrick Lavery produces "New Jersey's First News" and is New Jersey 101.5's morning drive breaking news reporter.

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