Do you remember when “The Blair Witch Project” was in theaters and people were said to be getting sick from the jerky, handheld camera effect? There’s a new movie out that’s making people sick for a whole different reason.

“Terrifier 2” is a slasher killer clown flick that is getting noticed for something unintentional. Audience members are passing out and/or vomiting at the shocking gore. At least that’s the claim.

According to an article in USA Today fans are reporting through social media that audience members are so overwhelmed by the gore they're getting physically ill and in some cases ambulances have been called to theaters.

Now that's pretty impressive for a film that's only made it to 700 screens across the entire nation. More impressive still for a movie I was told by a horror insider was made on a shoestring budget by a couple of independent filmmakers from Staten Island.

Hmmm, could it be genius viral marketing? Are insiders helping the movie out by feigning fainting or by swallowing syrup of ipecac in between the popcorn to induce vomiting? I have zero evidence of that. That’s just my own crazy thought, not an allegation, and frankly, I’d say hats off to anyone who could master such a campaign.

All I’m saying is I’m shocked that a movie could be so gory that it unnerved this many people. It’s 2022. The horror audience has lived through “Night Of The Living Dead” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and countless slasher films and ever-improving special effects.

But hey. I’m from Jersey, maybe I’m just a heartless cynic. Speaking of Jersey even though “Terrifier 2” is playing on limited screens across the country it’s showing on plenty here. Theaters are carrying it in New Brunswick, Burlington, Eatontown, Cherry Hill, Freehold and Vorhees just to name some.

You want a taste? Now obviously they’re not going to show the most vomit-inducing scenes in a trailer but this gives you an idea of the plot.

I want this movie to do well. So far it has. On it’s in the top 10 and despite showing on so few screens has earned well over $2 million. Real, imagined or exaggerated, now that word is out a potential challenge to not vomit or faint is in play it’s going to make more of us want to see it. Maybe even cynical old me.

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