NUTLEY — Tan Mom is back and gunning for the school nurse.

Patricia Krenticil told the New York Post she was told her 11-year-old daughter Anna was recently sunburned during recess outside at the Lincoln Elementary School.

A school nurse had reported Krentcil to police in 2012, when her then-5-year-old daughter talked about going to tanning salons with her mother. At the time, she had an extremely brown tan that surprised people when she began making the media round of interviews — earning her the nickname "Tan Mom."

Krentcil wound up behind bars on child endangerment charges that were eventually dropped.

According to the Post, the 49-year-old is angry that when the sunburn was discovered on Anna, no one at the school applied the sun tan lotion Krentcil said was packed in her lunch. She told the newspaper her lawyer is putting together a lawsuit against the Nutley school district.

Krentcil said the legal and medical fees associated with her case cost her $100,000, which led her on a number of paths to try and earn extra money.  She made a music video, tried to record a rap song, appeared in a porn movie and attempted boxing.

She also went into rehab after an incident at the Minneapolis airport.

Krentcil told the Post she plans to write a book called "Why Me" about her time as "Tan Mom."

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