It was great to be joined today by the kids of several of our colleagues at New Jersey 101.5. Best way to celebrate "Bring Your Kids to Work Day"? Get 'em on the air of course!

We ended our show Thursday by dedicating the last segment to giving the kids a voice on the air. And they didn't disappoint! And yes, of course I asked them about taxes in New Jersey...and they had an answer for Governor Murphy!

My go-to story with kids when I discuss what I do for a living is that I used to get in trouble in school for talking too much. It took me a few decades to figure out that I could actually make a living doing that!

During the show while talking about the antics in Trenton, listener Greg from Freehold called in to discuss the topic. But of course I was distracted when his daughter Courtney, who was partaking in 'bring your kids to work day', told me she makes homemade pasta. The call definitely got off track and added to my "Daily Distractions".

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