Title IX is a part of education amendments passed in 1972 to prevent discrimination based on sex for all programs and school activities where the school receives federal tax support.

For decades, common sense dictated what defined a man and a woman so interpretation of the law was simple and obvious. Enter the Biden Administration and what is called the "Final Rule".

MChe Lee via Unsplash
MChe Lee via Unsplash

The far-Left administration in Washington essentially changed the definition of sex to include how someone identifies thereby eliminating the focus and intent of the law which was passed to protect biological women.

The Rule goes further to allow for punishment of anyone not accepting that new definition of "women". So began the process of eliminating parents from the discussion of a child's so-called "gender identity" and punishment for children not complying with "preferred pronouns".

Add to that, boys changing in girls' locker rooms and using girls' bathrooms. Many many girls across America feel unsafe and have good reason to as there are examples of gender ideology leading to sexual assaults.

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A group called Moms For Liberty and a host of other groups and states sued over this egregious violation of common sense and parental rights. The case made its way to the Supreme Court of the United States and the Court ruled that the changes to Title IX cannot be enforced.

Kristin Cobo, the head of Moms for Liberty in Morris County, joined me on the show to discuss the urgency for parents to join the group to make sure they are covered under the latest SCOTUS ruling.

OFFICIAL COMMENT from Moms for Liberty Co-Founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich on the WIN:
Gender ideology does not belong in public schools and we are glad the courts made the correct call to support parental rights. We will always stand up for the rights of parents and the protection of children. All parents must have their voices heard and their right to raise their own children is part of the very fabric of a free America. The federal government has no right to claim our children as their own or to push parents out of the classroom. - momsforliberty.org

To Join the group and learn more about the ruling and how it impacts you, click HERE or text LIBERTY to 53445.

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