Sussex County has long been a hotbed of political activity, and unlike many NJ counties that are either battlegrounds or dominated by Democrats, it's pretty solidly Republican.

That said, the need for local involvement in school boards to stop the assault on parental rights is critical in all counties regardless of how they lean politically.

The battle to protect parents' rights when it comes to raising their own kids transcends party lines and sexual orientation.

Parents across the state have been rising up and standing up to protect their kids from groomers and activists who are pushing a sexualized agenda that is confusing and potentially harmful to children.

In Sussex County, they're not having it.

On Thursday night, I was honored to be a speaker at an event hosted by my friend Joe LaBarbera.

Photo via Bill Spadea
Photo via Bill Spadea

Joe is the county Republican chairman and a patriotic veteran. He's taking the county to the next level inspiring candidates, volunteers and donors.

Like Chairman George Gilmore, who is leading the other solid red county in Jersey, Ocean County, Joe is not taking anything for granted.

Last night's event was packed with parents, former Democrats and newly elected school board members, all eager to continue the fight to protect parents, teachers and of course our kids.

It was great to see support in the room from other counties, Joe Branco from Hoboken, Hudson County was on hand, and Frank Pallotta from Bergen County.

Bill standing with Joe Branco (right) and Joe LaBarbera (Left) (Photo via Bill Spadea)
Bill standing with Joe Branco (right) and Joe LaBarbera (Left) (Photo via Bill Spadea)

My friends Josh Aikens, Greg Quinlan, Phil Rizzo and Rosemarie Becchi from Jersey 1st were all on hand offering their expertise and input on how we continue to succeed at the local level and turn the tide against the radical Democrats' assault on parental rights.

Kristin Cobo, the mom being sued by a local school librarian for exposing inappropriate sexually explicit books available to kids, was there.

Two great towns were honored for the courage of their board of education members during the award ceremonies. Many of them are also running for re-election in November and you can be sure that our team will be hard at work to get them over the finish line.

From Hardyston we were joined by Tony Alfano, Ed Rienle, Donna Carey and Jean Barrett.

From Sparta we were joined by Lauren Collier, Leigh Ann McMichael, Walter Knapp, Cristina Longo Keiling and Kurt Morris.

Change can happen this November

Expect to see a lot more activity happening on the local level as we head into November.

Yes, all 120 members of the Legislature are up for re-election, and yes, we need to elect more thoughtful, courageous leaders to serve under the Golden Dome in Trenton, but the equal priority is to support local candidates who are ready to leave the comfort of their daily lives to serve our communities.

Photo via Canva and Bill Spadea
Photo via Canva and Bill Spadea

If you want to join the fight for parental rights, add your name to our growing list of thousands of New Jerseyans here.

Meet me on the trail by going to my events page here 

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