Here we go again.

Just when you'd like to think we'll never have to hear about COVID and masks again, a lawsuit is making its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. And it's a good thing that lawyers like New Jersey's Ron Berutti have never stopped fighting.

Of course, we can't undo what was done in the name of what was called "science" during the lockdowns. But we can certainly prevent another collapse into panicked government overreach.

The specific case from New Jersey is based on two residents attending school board meetings and refusing to wear a mask.


Mandates were unwarranted

Even at the height of the COVID panic, we knew that there was a lack of significant evidence that masks would prevent people from getting or spreading the virus.

We saw a study early on that raised the alarm that masks were not helping and social media "fact-checkers" who should have been called propaganda-pushers did their best to suppress the real evidence showing that the panic and subsequent mandates were completely unwarranted.

And now dozens of additional studies show that the masks had little or no effect on the virus, even the highly touted N95 mask.

Associated Press
Associated Press

Before the next assault on our freedom

Beyond the uselessness of protecting wearers and others, there's the negative impact on an individual's health. Eye irritation and longer-term problems have resulted from extended mask-wearing and we know beyond a doubt the adverse impact on childhood development.

We have a government mandate that forced Americans to wear a medical device with near full knowledge that it did not protect anyone and caused harm. It should be an open-and-shut case but this is a strange time in America and all critical thinkers and people who value freedom and American values need to fight.

Attorney Ron Berutti is one of those champions of liberty who speaks for many of us who know that we have a long road ahead to stop the next government assault on our families and freedom.

He's taking the fight of a New Jersey resident to the Supreme Court to assert her right to refuse to wear a mask during a Cranford Board of Education meeting. She got arrested on Valentine's Day 2022 after eight months of protesting the district's refusal to protect special needs students, including her child, whose learning was affected by the masks.

They are appealing a 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on grounds of free speech and retaliatory arrest.

If you want to follow along or you need help, you can get updates on his website HERE and can also contact Ron.

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